Hi There! We offer you a brand-new experience of music listening.

Updated version of KKBOX app is available now. Discover a whole new world of music with personalized content and diversified genre.

An infinite variety of music

A diversity of playlists from celebrities, artists and music curators plus cutting edge interface to assist you better in exploring music.

Proximity does matter

Personalized recommendations based on the artists, songs and albums that you like. We offers you the most refined music that fits your taste and sensibility.

A diversity of genre and sophisticated music mood

More than 20 music genres and 60 different moods within your finger tip that helps you choosing the right song for the right moment

Collection of favorite songs, albums or playlist is just a click away.

Enhance your music collection by hitting the "heart" icon.

Q1: Where is "My Favorite" folder?

A1: The folder has been renamed to "My Collection" and you can click on the "heart" icon if you like a song, album or even playlist to add it into your music collection. You can easily find it under "My Library" - "My Collection"

Q2: Where is "Explore" tab?

A2: We optimized the way of music recommendations, hence the function has been renamed to "Discover" in order to assist you better in music discovery.

Q3: Where is "Music Videos" section?

A3: We are revamping the session, thus it has been temporarily removed, but fret not, you can still find music videos via search function. This section will be back soon.

Q4: Where should i find my playlist if it has been renamed?

A4: Once you've hit the "heart" icon for a certian song, album or playlist, you can easily find it under "My Collection"

Q5: How can I restore the earlier version after update?

A5: We are sorry to inform that you're unable to restore the earlier version if update has been made. We valued your constructive comments and suggetsions as always, and more new functions will be introduced soon, so please stay closely with us.

Q6: Why is my KKBOX app not updated after update has been made?

A6: The updated version is only available for Android version at the moment. Please stay closely with us as iOS version will be available soon.

Q7: Why is my KKBOX not updated on my computer?

A7: Updates are only available for Android and iOS app at the moment. Other devices or platforms to be followed soon. Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

Q8: How does song or playlist recommendations are made? How frequent will it be refreshed?

A8: Our system analyzes that your listening history including the music you played, the artists or celebrities you followed and the playlists you collected and then, compares that insight to the music listening behavior and groups those tracks together into a new, personalized playlist. The recommendations are being refreshed on daily basis.

Q9: What if a recommended playlist or album does not fit into my liking?

A9: You're welcomed to provide constructive comments and feedbacks through our customer service. Kindly understand that music recommendations are meant to introduce you less-known music, hence it might differ slightly from your preferences.

Q10: How can I learn more?

Q10: Please reach out to our Customer Service